Metta Massage Therapy
Benefits of Cancer Massage


Benefits of Cancer Massage As reported by researchers, caregivers and patients.

General Benefits:
Reduces stress.
Increases relaxation. Improves sleep.   
Stimulates bowel activity.
Reduces or eliminates medications for anxiety, nausea and pain.
Increases alertness and mental clarity.  
Provides pleasant touch experience.
Relaxation response progressively deepens in successive sessions.

Benefits Related to Surgery and Hospital Stays
Speeds recovery from anesthesia.  
Reduces need for pain medication.
Promotes faster wound healing.  
Increases elasticity of scarred areas.
Breaks up adhesions related to scarring.  
Decreases edema.
Improves range of motion and mobility.  
Helps prevent bedsores.    
Provides a pleasant distraction.  
Provides relief from isolation.
Relieves muscle soreness due to prolonged bed rest.  
Shortens hospital stay.

Benefits Related to Radiation and Chemotherapy
Reduces anxiety in advance of and during treatments.
Reduces fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

Emotional Benefits
Decreases anxiety and depression.  
 Increases feelings of wellbeing.
Offers meaningful social interaction and time in a safe relationship with a good listener.
Helps with body acceptance after surgical disfigurement, hair loss or weight gain.
Empowers patient participation in the healing process.  
Helps rebuild hope.


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by Bruce A. Hopkins