Metta Massage Therapy
What You Should Expect of Your Therapist

What You Should Expect of Your Therapist

Your massage therapist will:

  perform professional services within the therapist's legal and ethical scope of practice.
  perform professional services for which the therapist is physically and emotionally qualified.
  address your specifically identified needs in each session and, if appropriate,  refer you to a specialist.
  accept responsibility for doing no harm to your physical, mental, or emotional well being.
  commit to professional excellence through self-assessment, keeping current with the professional literature,
    receiving regular massage of  various types and completing continuing education each year.
  treat you with respect and dignity regardless of your age, gender, race,  national origin, sexual orientation,
    religion, socio-economic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health, disability or personal habits.
  maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your treatment sessions.
  maintain accurate records and review your charts before each session.
  keep office, equipment and supplies hygienic, clean and safe.
  observe professional boundaries at all times, neither demonstrating nor tolerating sexualized behavior.
  maintain appropriate draping at all times during the session.  Only the part of the body currently being
    treated is exposed.   The gluteal cleft, genitals, and female breast are not uncovered or massaged.


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