Metta Massage Therapy
Get the Most from Your Massage

Experienced Clients Suggest Ways to Get the Most from Your Massage

"Schedule ahead so you don't rush to arrive on time."

"Block out a good two hours so you can leave at a leisurely pace."

"Contribute/pay before so you can float out after."

"Wear any clothing you want but try to make it as brief as possible."

"Before each massage, remember how you felt after the last one."

"As soon as you are on the table, mentally scan your body from bottom to top.
Tense each area, take a deep breath and let it drain out along with the tenseness.
Feel the weight of completely relaxed muscle hanging from bone."

"Try to experience both of the therapist's hands at once -
the sensation of where each is and what it is doing."

"If the therapist shakes your arm, take a deep breath and
let it all out while you relax the arm completely."

"Your therapist wants you to be perfectly comfortable but doesn't
want to pester you with questions. Speak up about anything at all. "

"If your mind wanders elsewhere, try to bring your mind
back to the sensations coming from your skin."

"Less is more when it comes to clothing.  After several sessions
I realized that the drape always keeps me appropriately covered."

"The massage table is an oasis in a busy world.
Time does not matter here - it often stands still. "

"Let yourself be transported to wherever the experience takes you."

"If you fall asleep or drift in and out - that's OK.
Awake or asleep, you will feel wonderful afterward "

"The world would be a better place if our leaders got regular massage."

"Massage is unequalled for mental, spiritual and physical renewal."


Copyright 2003-2006
by Bruce A. Hopkins